Como Zoo & Conservatory

It’s summer, in Minnesota, and folks are going to divi up their summer calendars with trips, projects, gatherings and outings. Have you considered a day trip to the Como Zoo & Conservatory in St. Paul?ย  It’s got something for everyone…gardens, animals, picturesque views, amusement park (ComoTown!) and it’s become a destination for events as well. Come early, pack a lunch, bring your camera and plan to stay a while. There’s lots to see and do and the best part? It’s FREE (1 & 2$ donations are encouraged at the entrance but not required)!

I recently zipped out there (directions are simple) for a NACE meeting. Lancer Catering is the on site caterer at the Zoo & Conservatory and they are, simply put, outstanding! Midway Party Rental provided our event decor!

Whether you are looking for something fun and different when planning an outing, portrait session or wedding…consider the Como Zoo & Conservatory in St. Paul!

Here’s to a yummy, fun Summer…wherever you go!

Van Dusen Mansion

Last week I attended this month’s Twin Cities NACE meeting which was held at the very stunning Van Dusen Mansion in Minneapolis. One of the things that I love about this place (and there are many) is that when planning a wedding (or other significant event), you can have your guests gather & mingle, hold the ceremony and dine all right there on the premises! It really is a gorgeous backdrop and would certainly punctuate any event! (I will return to the Van Dusen, this coming week, to photograph the newly renovated Carriage House once the new furnishings are set in place!)

Mintahoe is in charge of the catering at this venue and they really do an outstanding job! Mintahoe serves several venues and they boast award winning catering!

Bruce Vassar and Matthew Trettel of The Wedding Guys held the program this month and closed with some insider details and remarks about their recent voyage across the pond for the Royal Wedding of William & Kate! Check out their blog!

Thank you’s can also go out to Apres for supplying the linens and Matthew Sherry of Complete Music for supplying sound!

Another successful collaboration of extraordinary talents!


Austin Images Nominated for Best Photography

The 9th annual Minnesota Meetings and Events Readers’ Choice Best Of Awards will take place at The W Minneapolis-The Foshay in Minneapolis on March 24th and I have been notified that Austin Images Photography has been nominated in the category ofย  Best Photography/Videography. I am so over-the-top honored and want to thank those for considering us for the nomination…a feather in our cap all on it’s own. Thank you.

Happy Thursday!

Good Day to you all!
LOTS going on in the next several days.

And of course I can’t leave out the fact that my brunch at
Interlachen Country Club yesterday for NACE was fabulous,
delicious and a nice break in the middle of the week.
And Kudos to Interlachen, 2009 marks their 100th anniversary!

I set up a table, an easel, set out all sorts of albums, guest
books, proof books, framed images etc…then I ran a 200+ image
slide show of some of my favorite images that I’ve shot for NACE
since I started on that fateful day that the 35W bridge collapsed
into the mighty Mississip nearly 2 years ago.

The slide show was a HUGE hit! Next time I’ll bring my 24″
monitor! :) I just couldn’t swing it yesterday. Everyone
gathered around and reminisced as it looped.
You see, each NACE meeting is really like a mini wedding
reception from decor to floral to signature drinks, not to
mention the venues! Really, a lot of fun.

Tonight I will head up to the Metropolitan to cover a MOFAS event.
Pregnant Pause, being held tonight, is their 4th annual awareness
event for expectant moms.

Tomorrow, I am photographing a fun wedding out at the
Como Park Conservatory.
Yep, another Friday wedding! :)

Saturday my niece, Amanda, has a dance recital that I wouldn’t
miss for the world!

And Sunday is Mom’s day, of course..ahhhhh.

Renee & Shane.

Originally there was rain forecast for Renee &
Shane’s wedding day but it held off until early
the following day. Prayer works!

This unique day started with the fact that they
had chosen the Chapel at Ft. Snelling in St. Paul
for the ceremony, they selected Ft. Snelling State
Park and Rice Park for their formals and finished
up at the very lovely St. Paul Hotel.

A group of only about 80 but enough faith, hope
& love to fill the new Twins stadium and enough
celebration to last a lifetime ๐Ÿ˜‰

Congratulations Renee & Shane!

A sneak peak…

Alicia & Matt.

What a day this was!
Alicia padded the day with TONS of time
for me to capture all sorts of fun at several
spots…it’s not common to have that luxury.

Congratulations Alicia and Matt!
I thank you for allowing me the privilege to
come along side you for the day.

(Oh, and p.s. is working on making
the images larger, I’m told, so I apologize
for the postage stamp sized images.)

Alicia & Matt.

What a day this was!
Alicia padded the day with TONS of time
for me to capture all sorts of fun at several
spots…it’s not common to have that luxury.

Congratulations Alicia and Matt!
I thank you for allowing me the privilege to
come along side you for the day.

(Oh, and p.s. is working on making
the images larger, I’m told, so I apologize
for the postage stamp sized images.)

Catch Up.

Between Easter, 3 weddings, 4 NILMDTS sessions,
taxes and a sick Boo, I’ve been a bit lax in the
blog department. I just needed to “catch up”.
But do we really ever catch up? The faith that I
can keeps me going, anyway. :)

That said, on to a few weddings…first, JoAnn
and Rick from March 28th. A chilly day but the
sun was out and the venue (Murphy’s Landing) was
the perfect backdrop for their period wedding.

Here we go….

Okay, so I have had a TON of people wonder
if I’m ever going to blog again. In person,
on the phone, on facebook etc…even my sister,
who hasn’t blogged since the first snowfall
in early November, wants to know when I’m going
to blog again. The answer is “yes” and I will
make every attempt to back into the everyday
routine. I secretly missed doing it but truth be
told, I enjoyed the break.

My first wedding of the season is today.
JoAnn and Rick are getting married at
Murphy’s Landing in Shakopee in, what will be, my
first ever “period” wedding. The wedding party
will be dressed to reflect the period and the
wedding party and guests were encouraged to do the
same. I can’t wait!

Yesterday I finally met Owen. He is the newborn
son of Kelly and Jeff Read. They have been waiting
for his arrival and this joy for a long time.
You see, they lost Alliah a year ago, December 8th,
at 29 weeks gestation. I was called in to photograph
her for NILMDTS and that is how we met.
A bond was formed and I am certain that this family
will be a part of my life forever!
Interestingly enough, his full name is Owen Patrick.
He is exactly 3 years and 51 weeks younger than
our Owen Patrick (my nephew). Both Owens have their
grandfather’s first name as their middle name.
As you can imagine, my mouth dropped open when she
said “Owen Patrick”. ๐Ÿ˜€

These are just a sample of his first, official
photo session…I just aDORE him!

Lastly, today I want to share the new basement.
The images that are propped up along the ledge
will come down as I have some giant images on
their way to go up in their place.

Thanks for your patience.
You may subscribe to my blog by clicking
on the “rss”feed tab at the top so that
when I post a new blog you will be notified.
That way, mom, you don’t have to check
10 times a day to see if I’ve blogged.

Have a great day.

The Heat is On!

Well, soon anyway…Kleeve will be here
between 10 and noon today to fix our furnace.
It’s been out for nearly 3 days! The last two
nights we have slept with the gas fireplace on,
an electric heater in the bedroom AND electric
mattress pad! CRAZY! We didn’t want to pay the
“emergency” fee for Sunday so we just called and
scheduled for them to come by today.

In the mean time, we continue to work on the
lower level remodel. Very exciting! I’ll try to
remember (cold on the brain!) to post some before
and afters as we work from side to side.
New wood floors by the bar, new carpet by the
theater, and then the wood floors will pick up
again on my office side, go into the salon, down
the hall and into the bath. I KNOW! Fun, right?!
For now I am working in a mess…a real mess.
I had to meet with Jen and Andy at a remote location
to discuss my photographing their wedding in October!
That one is a “go”! I’m very excited! It was actually
GARY that recommended her to me! Thanks Gary! The
wedding will take place at Mount Olivet in Minneapolis
and the reception will be at Windows on the top of
the IDS tower! This is a combination that I have
photographed before but this time there will be time
for a photo walk around town….I’m so pumpep about
that! Here’s Rick and Amanda Gorra from July ’06.

That was a fun one…my brother in law was
in the wedding party so my sister was there as well!

Well, it’s snowing again, and I just said to
Nicki that it’s nearly the middle of January
and I still think the snow is pretty so I guess
that makes me a hearty Minnesotan! Or maybe it’s
that we booked our flights to Mexico this morning!

Stay warm, a deep freeze is approaching…AGAIN!