He is Risen!

Happy Easter everyone!

Daylight Savings!

I Hope you remembered to turn your clocks ahead today.
Or perhaps this is one of those Sundays where you secretly
wanted to miss Church!
“They” say we lose an hour today…hmmm, I feel as though
I’ve lost, like, 4 days! Still trying to shake this bug.


Anne here, for another installment of
Sweet Queen Sister doing the blog!

Hey, can you hear that?
There it was again!
Oh, wait that’s just me tooting my own horn
about my sister! Is she not just the best?!
I love her dearly and was thinking about her
this morning while it’s zero here and she is in
Playa enjoying the 80+ degrees. I was thinking,
can you all help me surprise her please?
She is still unable to get online so when she
gets home she will have to read all that I have done
on her blog in her absence.
So, lets cram up her comment box here on Blogger
with a fun memory of her, or kind word to make her day!
Whatever you want to say would be great! THANKS!

I’ll start it out here by saying how
I LOVE the way you are with my kids.
They love you so much!
Thanks for being an awesome aunt and the
BEST Sweet Queen Sister in the world!

WAY to many memories to pick just one!
Cookies, Mexico, hair, kittens, 12:34.
See this fold in my shirt?…..

Oh, BTW…
Susan wanted me to say that she and Gary
found Nedi down in Playa. They had not
seen him yet when I talked with her last
but, had his number and knew where he was working.

Enjoy your weekend!

Scuba Sue and Boo!

It’s Anne again.
Susan is fully certified as a scuba diver!
She called tonight and was so excited!
She wanted me to say that Scott at Sea Ya Diving
did a great job teaching her, she used everything
that he taught her. Pete, my husband, was
instrumental in getting her into scuba diving
and is very proud of her. Good job Sue! Way to go!
We all love you BUCKETS!

Here is Pete, Susan and Benji in Cabo last March.

On to the Boo news.
Today is his birthday!
Happy 1st Birthday Boo Boy!


Computer trouble, or maybe just user error

Hello to all of Susan’s faithful followers.
This is Anne, Susan’s Sweet Queen Sister.
For some strange reason things are not
working the way she would like with her computer
and/or her internet access so I have stepped in
to inform you all that Susan and Gary are safe
and sound in Playa. Loving every minute.
At 2 o’clock today Sue is doing her 1st of 4
check out dives to complete her scuba certification.

I hope everyone here in Minnesota is able to enjoy
the 40 plus degrees today!


Valentine's Day 2009.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

Today I get the very distinct pleasure
of photographing a couple that just over
a year ago experienced a horrific loss.
It was a NILMDTS session where their daughter,
Alliah went home to be with the Lord.

Today, I will be shooting a pregnancy
session for Kelly & Jeff (and their dog!).
They are expecting a boy very soon!

Later, a movie with my sweetie and for
dinner, an early hamburger with Gary and
his Mom! Her treat for V-Day! :)

Enjoy your day!

Short Ribs @ Campielo. AMAZING!

So Friggin' Cold!

Okay, today is just as nasty as yesterday. 20+below ZERO~
The highs are not even getting above zero. I’m tellin’ ya,
these temps keep the ‘riff~raff’ out of Minnesota!

The warm up, the keep eluding, to is going to occur later today.
The 30’s? Now you’re talking! That’s what we call ‘sweata weatha’!
(taken from the ‘Brox Beat’ on Saturday night live)
Might even see some t-shirts out and about! 😀

This morning, and I had better get a move on soon, I’m going
to head up to MEI in Golden Valley to take some shots for an
upcoming magazine article about their 25th year! Cool!
Thanks Jane!

Nicki finished up the Venetian Plaster in the bar yesterday.
It looks so awesome. Once I get the area all cleaned up and
everything back in place, I’ll shoot it and post some images.

Gotta run!

Today's High…a New Low.

I think it’s about 12 below. The high today
will be about 2 below which means get ready for
the 10 degree warm up! Yippee!!

I spent the night at my sister’s last night to
get the girls on the bus today.
6 o’clock alarms are NEVER good and especially
when you are sick. I barely slept last night so
the train wreck that I felt like yesterday will
definitely spill over into today, no doubt.

Emily’s gone, I drove her to the bus stop and
sat with her until it came (way too cold to stand
outside and wait for a bus!) and now I’m going to
go wake Amanda and get her going.

I’m supposed to be going to my first ever board
meeting with the TCPPA 2009 group but I just can’t
even think about going…I feel like a pitrie (SP?)

That’s it for now….BRRRRRR it’s cold.

Albert Lea II.

Well, actually I have come down here 3
times but only twice I’ve stayed over night.
This time I left Boo at home :( Too much

A chilly drive down here but the drive seems
to go quicker and quicker each time I come

We ate dinner at a crummy Mexican restaurant.
Casa Zamora…never go there! We hit another
one the last time I was down that was in
town and it was fabulous!
This one was horrid…tan refried bean sauce
poured over everything..gross, colorless and
flavorless. Sadly, for the residents here,
it was PACKED, as if everyone thinks that’s
what Mexican food should taste like. No bueno.

We are going to go into town and hit a few
stores. I have some things I need to exchange
that I got a few weeks ago.

Breakfast is smelling mighty nice. Fuel for
the day. Turkey sausage (yum) and eggs.
I brought along my press and some Dunn Brother’s
beans cuz Jo’s not a fan of the Joe.

Sittin’ hear in my blue snowflake “Grandma Pants”
and Jo in her pink camo one’s that I got for
her when she came up for Thanksgiving.
Just having a leisurely Saturday morning. Nice.

More later…..