A little pumpkin goes home….

I received an e-mail yesterday afternoon from one of our area coordinators for NILMDTS. She was looking for an affiliate to step in and take a session for a family in the midst of labor for a 39 week in utero loss…no one was on call. I live near the hospital where they were delivering so I called in and got the information. It would be about 2 hours before they needed me to come in. Gary and I put dinner plans on hold and I drove out. I always seem to arrive early..perhaps nervously eager (even after 5 years of being apart of this volunteer organization) to serve a broken family. I love that God has given me the talent and the tools along with the heart to come along side these families and give them and their babies a future by capturing these tender moments now. Please pray for this little pumpkin and his family as they grieve.

Diorama in the Labor and Delivery


Those of you who know me know that the organization
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep holds a very special
place in my heart and in my life.
I have been an active affiliate for 2 years and
a have coordinated our services for Minneapolis
Children’s Hospital for the past year.

In doing so I have met some fabulous photographers,
worked with some of the greatest hospital staff,
grieved with many families, some that have experienced
multiple losses. I thank God everyday that he has
given me the talent, the tools and the strength to
approach every session so that I can share with these
photographers, educate hospital staff members and
start the healing process for these broken families.

At this time, I will continue to coordinate for
Minneapolis Children’s and Methodist hospitals but I
will not be photographing anymore sessions.

God Bless.

Rainy Monday.

What better way to spend a rainy Monday than
attending a TCPPA board meeting! YAY!

I just received a request to photograph a Chef!
Pretty excited! I’m thinkin’ maybe….oh, idk,
TRADE FOR FOOD!!! :p~~~~ (that’s me drooling!)

Sandy (Sam) Puc (pronounced ‘Putch’), of NILMDTS fame,
is going to be in town Wednesday holding a seminar at
the Ramada MOA. It’ll be great to see her again.
This year her tour concentrates on “Tots 2 Teens”.
Last year the theme was “Bellies & Babies”.
Busy woman, that Sam!

Gary Comes Home/Jaxon Goes Home.

Gary’s been away since Wednesday.
He and 3 other guys went back out to Oregon
to play golf at Bandon Dunes.

These same 4 ventured out there 3 years ago,
loved it so much they returned this year.
This is about 4 & half hours from Portland.

They’ve made this trip an annual thing and
have selected some mighty swanky spots to
chase the white ball. Bandon was a “must do”

Where there were 3 courses: Bandon Dunes,
Pacific Dunes and Bandon Trails, there are
now nearly 4. Old MacDonald is near completion
and the guys played the 10 hole that were
open on Friday making that a 28 hole day!

As you can tell from the # of recent posts,
I’ve been busy while he’s been away.

No weddings this weekend but I did have the
honor of attending Jaxon’s funeral yesterday.
Another NILMDTS family forever changed and
another friendship forged. God is good.

I am thankful that the rain came today instead
of yesterday. God is good.

Have a peaceful Sunday.

A late Saturday post.

I received a call for a NILMDTS session
this morning at 4am…of course I responded.
To Jacquie’s delight, I will not post any photos.
(you’re welcome!)

I was not on call nor do we typically respond
in the middle of the night but my phone rang
and I just couldn’t ignore it. Nor could I even
THINK about calling Matt Moses (who was on call
today)…and to Matt, you’re welcome! 😉

All went well. Slippery drive in the snow & all.
I returned home around 6:30 and could NOT get
back to sleep and of all Saturdays, this one
I scheduled several hair clients! UGH!!
Hence the nap later in the day.

I have some really terrific shots from a trip
to see Santa (with Reese & Owen) from Thursday
and I intend on posting them tomorrow.

I’m getting excited for the big gathering at my
sister’s on Thursday for Thanksgiving. Thanks Anne
for hosting, ALWAYS!!