Lunch with John Sather.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of getting together with a dear friend, John Sather, of Here’s Life Inner City to discuss all sorts of stuff. First, we had to catch up! John has had me come along side his foundation and others for the past, oh…I’d say at least 5 years. Fund raisers, MN Twins games, Campus Crusade rallies, Food Drives, Lens Crafters event for inner city kids…all awesome life fulfilling events !

I adore John and his drive for community. It’s infectious! I want to surround myself with more folks like him. It doesn’t get any better than giving! John always says, “Let’s get together and dream.” LOVE that!
That said, John recommended that we meet at a favorite neighborhood restaurant of his, Cafe Ena, on 46th & Grand in Minneapolis.

Wow! What a great find! Tucked back a few blocks west of 35 W. Menu is simple and delicious. The Ower and Executive Chef is Hector Ruiz.
Run, don’t walk (but remember that the 46th exit is temporarily closed at 35W). So exit
on Diamond Lake Rd, take a right on Nicollet, head to 46th, take a left on 46th and go about 4’s up on your LEFT at the corner! FYI, they only serve beer & wine
but have an enormous selection. Buen Provecho!