Mr. & Mrs. Murphy.

This past Saturday Sadie & Derek became Mr.
& Mrs. Murphy! Here’s some of my faves from
the day. Loved the Cinema Ballroom on St. Clair
in St. Paul for a reception venue!!

Mr. & Mrs. Murphy.

This past Saturday Sadie & Derek became Mr.
& Mrs. Murphy! Here’s some of my faves from
the day. Loved the Cinema Ballroom on St. Clair
in St. Paul for a reception venue!!

Facebook vs. Blog

I’m being told that my blogging is suffering
due to Facebook. WOW! People can be so cruel! 😉

Sorry. Just wrapping a ton of things up.
I’ll be FREE TO BLOG more very soon.

Did y’all see this???

Thanks Dawn Davis for all your lovely comments!
Nikki, the bride pictured, submitted her wedding for
editorial consideration last spring and told me that
it might make the fall/winter issue…and it did!
Thanks Nikki Butts!! It was the first wedding I ever
shot for Bella Pictures. YAY!

Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds.

Joni & Eric…Thank you so much!!
What a day! Stellar weather. Gorgeous bride.
Handsome groom. Fabulous venues! All the planets
aligned for me again. Not to mention my 2nd shooter,
Jen Malone…Here’s some faves to start with.

I’m back.

I talked to my mother last night and she confessed to me
that she was checking in 2, 3 sometimes even 4 times a day
wondering if I’d blogged….nope. Sorry mom.
Well, the wait is over and even tho’ this is the time of year
where schedules can spiral out of control and a photographer’s
work load can seem endless, I will, nevertheless, blog.

My husband, Gary, just mentioned the other day that “I’m sure
people don’t get up at 7:30 every morning and go straight to
your blog.” And to that I say…”yes they do!”

This just in….Gary is not into computers.
Unless he is planning a t-time, a flight or reading some crude
e-mail from one of his buddies, he has no interest in them
AND he can’t understand how I can sit in front of one all day.
Well, A.) IT’S MY JOB! and B.) I actually enjoy communicating
with people. So there, I said it! I LIKE PEOPLE!
Oh, and don’t even get me started on mobile blogging or twitter.

All of this does not mean that we don’t get along or anything.
I just don’t feel that anyone should have to sacrifice doing
what they love to do….I mean, as long as it is not in anyway
jeopardizing the health of the relationship.

WOW! Sorry for the soapbox rant. Guess I needed to feel some
clarity on this one.

Okay, so I’ve been busy and I’ve promised many people, many things.
So, I’ll get to that right now! Dear Molly & Andrew, thank you
for your patience with me! I now bring you Mr. & Mrs. Winter…

And for Nikki & Zees…Congratulations to you as well!

Carlos & Kristin…you’re next.
Have a great day!

We Dough!

Here’s just one to tide you over.
These two met at General Mills and
I had such fun following them around
for the day yesterday!

I discovered that I know very little
“wedding” Spanish…

Soy un fotógrafo de la boda.
and everyone’s favorite…

Uno mas foto por favor!

I’ll post more images later in the week.

Bernadette & Michael

Wow! Another stellar day! Gorgeous blue skies,
the humidity gone, a cool breeze, one of the
most darling country churches you’ll find
anywhere and a sweet, sweet couple that are now
Mr. & Mrs. Bruzek!
Congratulations to Bernadette & Michael!
(click on the “view all images” button
to see a larger slide show)

Jennifer & Chris’ slideshow

I thought I would compile a slide show
for Jennifer & Chris from last weekend.
Here it is. Enjoy.

Jennifer & Chris

Perhaps I am now, officially, the Queen of Weather!
Altho’ the skies opened up while I was at Jennifer’s
home shooting the “getting ready” shots with her family,
once we arrived at the Arboretum and they emerged from
the black stretch limo, it cleared. It was perfect.
Wow! A lucky break? Or my infamous prayer chain request
for no rain…I’ll leave that up to the man upstairs! 😉

Here’s just a few for now….

Jennifer & Chris…have a relaxing time in Hawaii!

Jennifer and Michael