Hotel Lunata on 5th Ave~Playa del Carmen

I’ve recently returned from a working vacation in Mexico. The city of Playa del Carmen, located in the state of Quintana Roo (Q. Roo as it’s known), boasts many hotels to say the very least and even in the midst of a recession, that list is growing. That said, it is this photographer’s opinion that Lunata is among the most quaint. I’ve stayed there and photographed it so many times that I was requested to bring my gear along on this trip and capture it’s essence to later be shared on their website and other media materials. How do you turn that down?

This hotel is located on the famous 5th Ave, a completely pedestrian walk way filled with shops ranging from Swarovski to the local silver vendors and restaurants ranging from the very local Ajua to the very American and sought by some, Starbucks. Kids picky about food or not feeling adventurous? There’s both a McDonald’s and a Burger King. If you can’t find it on 5th Ave., you don’t know what you’re looking for. Whether you have pesos or US dollars, it makes no difference here. But we like to exchange US for pesos ‘cuz, well…it’s part of the experience and it’s more colorful!  😉

Back to Lunata. This darling gem is located on 5th Ave. between 6th and 8th street and consists of only 10 rooms. 6 that face 5th Ave. and 4 that face the serene, lush garden. What I love is that they have decided to name the habitaciones (rooms) rather than number them. My favorite? tough to pick…but twice I’ve stayed in “Cordelia”…large, 1 King bed on the 5th side (all the rooms on the 5th side have sweet little balconies overlooking the street  so you can people watch from the comfort of your own room!). I’ve also stayed in 2 of the garden side rooms. I just simply recommend that you stay. Let Fabiola pick for you and you won’t be disappointed. With breakfast available each morning in the garden at 8am (included in the cost of the rooms) you can wake up slowly and even get to know the other guests of the hotel. Don’t bother wasting valuable space in your luggage with beach towels either as Lunata has those available to their guests as well. All of the little details are covered and while they have WiFi in all the rooms Lunata now has a community computer for you to check your flight, your bank balance and even your e-mail and, if you must, you can even update your Facebook status!  Creature comforts….covered.

I love this hotel. You will too. Tell Fabiola I sent you! She truly is FABulous!

I’ve posted some shots that I took on this most recent trip on my Facebook Fan Page.


Chicago…The Sequel.


Good morning and welcome to Chicago…the sequel. Well, not really but I was JUST here a few weeks ago for another wedding.  Gary and I traveled here yesterday afternoon so I could be safely in place for my wedding today in Lansing (about an hour south of the city with the traffic).

Tiffany & Jason’s ceremony is at 2 but I get to start right here at the hotel at noon! Nice. That NEVER happens! Kimberly, the other photographer is starting out at the Bride’s mother’s home shooting all the ladies getting ready and I will be covering the gents!

I must confess that I love this city. The traffic I could do without making it a place I will avoid like the plague should Chicago win the bid for the 2016 Olympics!  :\  That said I just love watching the city come to life in the evening. The buildings are simply gorgeous!

We elected to go, straight away, into the city from O’Hare and on a Friday at 5? No simple task.  We found some great parking and set out on foot and tried not to look like tourists! Yet, where do we end up? At Tavern on Rush where Rush & State Street meet. A HUGELY popular spot but it was early and we decided to sit on the street at a tiny table for 2. They enforce a 2 hour limit at the street-side tables as it is a FABulous place to people watch. We stuck to our end of the deal. I will tell you that Tavern on Rush will not make our list of places to hit again.  Ordinary food….$100. Hmmm, I think I’d rather hit the Trump International Tower & Hotel again and go sit on their Terrace instead….there’s always Sunday!  😀

Gary will be entertaining himself today as I go off to shoot and we’ll hook up later this evening. Tomorrow we will head back up to Chicago (we splurged with a room at the W on Lakeshore Drive) and we’ll hang in the city all day!

Who’s Better Than Me Today?

Today marks my 6th anniversary of not smoking!
Wow! QUIT NET has a great program for
anyone that you know who is quitting, struggling
with quitting or just wants to keep a tally of
their stats through the years….

Do something special for your heart today!