Como Zoo & Conservatory

It’s summer, in Minnesota, and folks are going to divi up their summer calendars with trips, projects, gatherings and outings. Have you considered a day trip to the Como Zoo & Conservatory in St. Paul?  It’s got something for everyone…gardens, animals, picturesque views, amusement park (ComoTown!) and it’s become a destination for events as well. Come early, pack a lunch, bring your camera and plan to stay a while. There’s lots to see and do and the best part? It’s FREE (1 & 2$ donations are encouraged at the entrance but not required)!

I recently zipped out there (directions are simple) for a NACE meeting. Lancer Catering is the on site caterer at the Zoo & Conservatory and they are, simply put, outstanding! Midway Party Rental provided our event decor!

Whether you are looking for something fun and different when planning an outing, portrait session or wedding…consider the Como Zoo & Conservatory in St. Paul!

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Here’s to a yummy, fun Summer…wherever you go!