Mystic Lake Casino-your next event venue!

Recently, I was selected to photograph an event at Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake, Minnesota by the lovely Jennifer Christenson (Catering Sales Manager Extraordinaire!). I knew that this would be over the top but when I walked in I was blown away by the decor & floral designs. This event was a surprise 30th birthday party, thrown by the husband, for a guest list of about 50 and patterned after MTVs  hit series “My Super Sweet 16” (one of the guest of honor’s guilty pleasure shows!).

Not only was she surprised but the guests were in for a few surprises too, as they were guided from one event space and experience to another (4 total). Everyone soon realized that this would not be your ordinary birthday party…this was a full on, pull out all the stops, birthday BASH! Starting with a reception area where the surprise would occur to the dining area then on to a dessert area (reception/surprise area) that was converted to form a brand new space experience and finally through the doors into a groovy, lounge area for a rockin’ dance party complete with Lady Gaga singing all of her top hits!

This event brought together many talented people/organizations that worked in unison to pull off, perhaps, the event of the season (Royal Wedding has it’s own category!). A huge “Thank you!” to all of my fellow NACE members! Tireless efforts pay off!

Be sure to add the following event professionals to your list of folks to contact and discuss your dreams for your next event!

Venue: (Jennifer Christenson) Mystic Lake

Decor/Floral: (Jennifer Braun/Matt Johnson) Festivities

Lighting/Scaffolding: (Jon Nordos) Creative Concepts

Sound/DJ: (Matthew Sherry) Complete Music & Video

Lady Gaga Impersonator: (Mo!) A Party Crasher