…there’s no place like home…

As I sit in the lower lobby (where I’ve sat each morning for the past 6 mornings) looking out at the ocean, palm trees I have to come to the conclusion that no matter where you are, a week flies by. The first few days you say “Wow! We still have 5 whole days!” and then, in what seems like 20 minutes, you’re cab is waiting out front. Thank goodness for cameras. For if it weren’t, we’d have to rely on our memories and other’s memories of the moments that take place, the things we see and the people we love. That said, I bring to a close yet another get away with my sister and her family. Traveling with them is always a magnificent memory maker! We packed a ton into this trip and relaxed just enough.

Yesterday, being my last full day here in Nassau, we hung out on the beach most of the day. Dinner last night was my choice so I elected to return to the “Fish Fry” but this time we tried the “Big 10″ for more Bahamian Grouper! The buses ($1.25 ea. way) run often so we walked to the street and hopped on and headed all the way to the end of the bus line in town (right by the cruise ship docks) and walked around. Eventually made our way up the beach back to the Fish Fry. Along the way are all these darling, colorful huts & stands where they sell all sorts of stuff including drinks. Taking pictures all the way. Ships, docks, people, palm trees…everything! Trying to soak it all up!

We returned to the hotel and located an ice cream parlor (Beaches and Cream!) on the property (thank GOD we found it the last night!!) and stopped in for a couple of scoops and ate it right across the way and sang some Karaoke! WHAT?!!  Once we finished butchering a couple of crowd favorites we settled in down in the lower lobby with some other fans of American Idol and watched last night’s performances. That was fun, actually…talking Idol with a bunch of strangers! I’ll miss the results show as I’ll be landing about then. I’ll survive!

As I go through this travel day (on my own…Baker’s stay ’til Saturday), I know I won’t be able to wipe the smile off my face. Thanks Baker’s for allowing me the opportunity to join in again this year! I love you all very  much. See you soon!


(P.S.) For some strange reason, my incoming e-mail as quit. I’ll get to e-mail once I return home. Thank you for your patience.