A little pumpkin goes home….

I received an e-mail yesterday afternoon from one of our area coordinators for NILMDTS. She was looking for an affiliate to step in and take a session for a family in the midst of labor for a 39 week in utero loss…no one was on call. I live near the hospital where they were delivering so I called in and got the information. It would be about 2 hours before they needed me to come in. Gary and I put dinner plans on hold and I drove out. I always seem to arrive early..perhaps nervously eager (even after 5 years of being apart of this volunteer organization) to serve a broken family. I love that God has given me the talent and the tools along with the heart to come along side these families and give them and their babies a future by capturing these tender moments now. Please pray for this little pumpkin and his family as they grieve.

Diorama in the Labor and Delivery