I recently returned from an 8 day trip to Mexico. First, I spent 3 reflective days, by myself, in Play del Carmen then traveled north to join my sister and her family in Cancun for a little more action. I brought along a camera that “crapped out” on me upon my arrival and was forced to shoot with my iPhone. Fortunately, I wasn’t there to shoot a wedding! Besides, when I head out to photograph a wedding be it over seas, across a boarder or in the next county I always bring along plenty of back up! Thankfully, I was able to arrange for Anne to swing by my house, grab my other camera and bring it down with her!

I have to say, and I know I’m not alone on this one, that while destination weddings are a lot of work the rewards and results are always outstanding. Gorgeous backdrops are a given but getting to spend more time with the entire group of guests, leading up to the big day, makes you feel like family and everyone seems to loosen up more!

(Destination Wedding pricing is quoted individually and available upon request)

My sister’s family and I were poolside as the staff at the Marriott was prepping for a beach wedding on Palm Sunday. I grabbed this shot before things got crazy, I couldn’t resist!

This trip was pure pleasure and relaxation for me and an escape from the past 5 months of my mother’s illness and passing. It was so good to be there with family!

Pete, my brother-in-law, turned and asked me if I’d like him to take my photo and I handed him my camera and he got this great shot of me. Thanks, Pete! Thank you for everything!

I’m waiting to get shots off Pete’s underwater camera from our dive & I’ll post those another day. Above sea level, below sea level, we had a fabulous time!

Thanks, again, Bakers! I love you.