Canon 15mm Fisheye vs. Sigma 10mm Fisheye

Well, the Fisheye Lens simply got it’s name from it’s obvious
appearance. The way that these lenses protrude mimics
an actual fish eye thus giving spherical dimension to an image.

Here’s a couple of samples from my Canon 15mm 2.8

**Keep in mind that the closer you are to your subject
with a fisheye lens, the stronger the distortion.
It’s really a fun lens to have in your bag!

Now here’s a few from the Sigma 10mm 2.8

Oh, and the bottom 3 (of Boo) I had placed the Sigma
lens on my 10D so you can see a dark vignette around
the images. That’s because unlike my Mark 3, the 10D
does not have a full frame sensor therefore you get that
lovely (yuck) black vignette around your images. Not nice.

Well, they both run between $650 and $700 so be sure
that you get what you want/need. B&H was happy to allow
me the time to order the Sigma, test them side by side
and then return one. I chose to return the Sigma…for now!