Yikes,it happened! Our first official
snowfall. I got outside right away
knowing that if I waited to long, it
would all melt.


And, indeed, it is all gone.

I also wanted to post some shots from
the Sofitel from Thursday night. That was
some delicious fun! I won a couple of items
in the silent auction that I will be giving
as Christmas gifts. YAY!

342 MinneSNOWta.
310 MinneSNOWta.
302 MinneSNOWta.
295 MinneSNOWta.
287 MinneSNOWta.

I did not picture the auction items that
I won…so dont’ get all excited about the
wine or the mirror! icon biggrin MinneSNOWta.

344 MinneSNOWta.
345 MinneSNOWta.

J is coming over today for her birthday
hair and shoot! Not sure the shoot will
actually take place in that it is a very
blustery day, Pooh. We’ll see.

Brrrrr. Stay warm today


  1. Ginger Murray says:

    I love your fall… er… winter shots with the berries… beautiful. And I ADORE food pics. I’m a foodie, so that has a lot to do with it;).

    I noticed on the side of your blog that you lost two cats this year… I am so sorry:( That breaks my heart, because I’ve been there before… but never two so close together. Cats bring such joy to our lives and really enrich it.

  2. Jo says:

    I am missing your Blog, my Friend! Makes me feel connected to you. Yub Ya!

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