Working with idiots.

I ran across this story this morning.
I thought I’d share it…cuz it’s funny.
Do you work with IDIOTS?

Oh, and here’s another tid-bit that was
passed on to me by my sister-in-law, Kiki.
It appears that our beloved state fair is
taking on yet more stupid fair foods.

Food officials are introducing:
~Pig Lickers
~Pickle Pops and
~Big Fat Bacon.

There was some hesitation about allowing something
called Pig Lickers to be sold at the fair.
But Charlie Torgerson, who co-owns several Famous
Dave’s Franchises, says the chocolate-covered bacon
decorated with some sea salt is the best meat out there.

Next, if you want the bacon but not the chocolate,
you might try the Big Fat Bacon. It’s one-third pound
of bacon, fried and caramelized with maple syrup.
It’s, of course, served on…you guessed it…
a stick.

And lastly, a Pickle Pop? It’s simply pickle juice
frozen in a push-up sleeve. Fair vendor Preferred
Pickle came up with the idea after years of serving
deep-fried pickles, again…..on a stick.

One of my favorites at the fair…”weather on a stick”
at the WCCO booth. I’m going to miss Paul Douglas
at the fair this year!

The Minnesota State Fair runs August 21 to September 1.
Might I suggest that if you want to avoid a lot of
hassle at the fair, don’t go while the RNC is taking
place. I’m told that candidates will be showing up
and the security will be crazy!

Gary and I sat outside last night and chatted it up
with our neighbors Ron & Cindy. I must say that
had we not sprayed the lawn and shrubs with this stuff

3768 Working with idiots.

we’d have been carried away by the mosquitoes!
This stuff works AWESOME!! Don’t go another summer
day or night without it!

Boo is still not so sure about the grass. It’s pokey.

3742blog Working with idiots.
Here’s Ron & Cindy’s baby, Reggie..

3756blog Working with idiots.

Mom Update.
She stayed one more night at the hospital
and will come home today. Her leg pain is
completely gone and she has been up and walking.
All great news! Thank you so much, everyone, for
all of your prayers!

Later today, I will go with my sister Anne up
to Wyoming (the city) and pick up Emily. She
has been there for two whole weeks at camp
I can’t wait to see her!!

Getting some much needed rain today.
Pray that my Arboretum wedding doesn’t get
rained out tomorrow afternoon! icon smile Working with idiots.