Chicago, IL

So, I had a very long day yesterday. A travel day.
NWA lost my luggage and I hung around O’Hare Int’l for
about 3 hours. Hit the Hilton for lunch while I waited
for the next flight from Minneapolis to come in….no bag.
So I called Megan, she came to get me and we made
arrangements for them to send the bag out when it
arrived. The gal behind the bar at the Hilton said
her bag went to Puerto Rico once…hmmm, wonder if it had fun?!
We hit Chicago and ran around and chased the light!

From the 95th floor of the Hancock building to the
Billy Goat burger joint under Michigan Ave…”No Pepsi, Coke!”

We just had the best time…
some of the shots that Megan took, I’ll get from her later.

My bag arrived at about 9:30 last night. We sat on the stoop
and talked until it arrived. Thank you Northwest Airlines!!

We’re going to head out for a late breakfast.
And then, who knows.
The seminar/lecture is this evening so we’ll just play
a bit today.

Here’s some shots from yesterday.

Megan’s cute brownstone…

8975 Chicago, IL

Sawyer (or “the bear” as he is affectionately called)

8967 Chicago, IL

Healy (She’s the princess of this castle!)

9078 Chicago, IL

The view from atop the Hancock building’s 95th floor!

9018 Chicago, IL

Megan’s other job….well, not jumping but she works for the trib!

9043 Chicago, IL