Kim Martin made a follow up call yesterday
while I was out. CRAP! Her message was that
she had some more questions for me regarding
the Republican National Convention taking
place here in St. Paul this summer.
They WANT ME!!!!! This will have to go on my
“top 5 list” of things I’ve done. I’m so excited!
Thanks to Heather at Starkey for recommending me.

Huge success with Cory yesterday regarding
my web site. I’m jazzed about the changes
and I know you will like them too.
Just have to hammer out some text swapping
and add some more images.

Oh, and as for this blog…I just got an
itch to change it too.

Here’s Cory’s babies…


8151 RNC!

And here’s Alice…

8158 RNC!

8166p RNC!

I just love them so much!

In closing…I stole this from Gary Fong today.
I absolutely LOVE this…

Life is pretty simple when you think about it.

The two most vibrant factors in your
day-to-day existence would be~
a) your finances and b) your weight.
It may sound shallow but when you think
about it, when you can’t pay your bills,
or you can’t fit in your jeans…
doesn’t it wreck your day?
So here’s simple advice:
1) always eat healthy and
2) spend less than you earn.

Thanks Gary, I’ll just add that I’m going
to get off my ass and go for a walk!